We recently did a mini- 45-minute boudoir photo shoot (even shorter than a Quickie Slam!) with Sasha, a writer for Cafemom.com, at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, MA.  This is one of our FAVORITE places to do boudoir shoots and is the site of our Quickie Slam on Nov. 13th!

Sasha, writer for CafeMom.com laying on fur rug by Focal Impulse Studio

Sasha on a Faux Bear Throw- Rar!

Hair and makeup for this shoot was done by Carolina of From Hair to Eternity!  Thanks so much to Carolina for doing this shoot on such short notice!



Sasha chose to pose in one of her husband’s white collared dress shirts over her sexy purple lingerie for one of her looks for her shoot.


Sash from CafeMom black and white boudoir by Focal Impulse

Boudoir in a White Mens Shirt

Sasha from CafeMom.com showing a little leg and shoulder

A Little Shoulder and Leg...
















We LOVE this look!!

If you’re not sure what to bring for your shoot- one of your outfits should definitely be a white men’s shirt and some cute underwear to have peeking out!  Bebe let her borrow a string of costume pearls to finish the look.

Sasha from CafeMom boudoir with leopard print rug by Focal Impulse

Confidence is SEXY!

Big button-down shirts can help give you a sense of security and modesty in your boudoir photo shoot.  You can tug at it, and unbutton it, and let it fall off of your shoulder, etc.  You can have sexy lingerie or a color corset poking out from underneath your shirt, or you can have little bare skin peeking through your opened buttons creating a sexy, but conservative tease!

Sasha writer for CafeMom.com being naughty and biting finger by Focal Impulse Studio

What Is She Thinking About?


Sasha from CafeMom.com with breast job in PhotoShop by Focal Impulse Studio

Beauty Retouch with Breast Augmentation / Reshaping Body Modification

The photo above was given to Sasha so she could write a blog about the power of extreme photo retouching!  It created quite a Stir (pun intended) at Cafemom.com, especially with all the recent media attention retouching has been getting!  To see the before & after pictures of this Body Modification Retouch, click here.

Sasha from CafeMom on red velvet couch boudoir by Focal Impulse Studio

Sasha, Coy on the Red Couch



MODEL:  Sasha (writer from Cafemom.com)
MAKEUP & HAIR:  Carolina V.

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