Quickie Slams!

Join Us for an Exclusive Event at a Boutique Hotel!

Join Us for a Quickie Slam! | Focal Impulse Studio

Focal Impulse will reserve a posh hotel room in a city near you and host a marathon day of ‘Quickie’ Private Glamour/ Boudoir/ Pinup Shoots! 

Pamper yourself with a true ‘Model-for-a-Day’ Experience at an exclusive Focal Impulse Quickie Slam; also IDEAL FOR GIFTS!


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Buy a Quickie Slam Photo Shoot by Focal Impulse Studio


Hair and Makeup Makeovers are available before your shoot for an additional cost.  Prices vary by event, artist, and what you want done; starting at $85 per person.


Private Quickie Slam Photo Shoot Package Includes:


“Backstage” Access
Once we receive your deposit for your shoot, we will give you a login so you can access our Backstage Area, where you will learn all kinds of helpful expert tips to help you prepare for your photo shoot!

At Least 2 Outfits/ Looks
Bring about 2-4 outfits or looks you want to pose in (nude/ semi nude is okay with us, too).  We guarantee enough time for two outfits.  Keep in mind, the time you use to switch outfits is part of your session.

Coaching & Instruction During Shoot
Bebe is present during each participant’s shoot time and she will continuously guide your poses & expressions to get the pictures you want.  Each participant gets 1-hour of shoot time.

Zip File of the Photos from Your Session
After your shoot, we will email you a copy of your Development Gallery (the pictures from your shoot). These images are not retouched yet and are not high enough resolution for a large high-quality print, but you can use them as you please and they are great for posting online.  You can order the images you want retouched or to use in gifts, etc. by the image #.

1 FREE Beauty Retouch
You’ll get a complimentary Beauty Retouch on the image of your choice FREE as part of the Quickie Slam package, delivered via email as Print-Ready Digital Files.

Read the Retouches Page to learn more about the finishing touches!

Approx. 3 weeks after the Slam, your images will be uploaded to a password-protected Private Online Preview Gallery.  You can Purchase Retouches, Prints, and other Products and Gifts from the Gallery.  


Upgrade Your Photo Shoot Package:

Professional Hair & Makeup
We HIGHLY recommend you add the makeover!  It’s half the fun!  One of our network artists will provide hair styling & makeup.  Clients are encouraged to bring hair accessories, flowers, feathers, etc. to make your looks more unique.  Prices vary by event.

More Retouches!
Order individual Retouches, or Discounted Retouch Bundles of 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20 photos as Web-Resolution or Print-Resolution Digital Files.  Web Files are a great way for models to build an affordable online portfolio; options for every budget!


Get the Model for a Day Experience at a Quickie Slam with Focal Impulse Studio

Get the Model for a Day Experience at a Quickie Slam!


Want More?

2 Image Bi-Fold Folio by Focal Impulse

Folio Gifts & More!

Check out the Presentation & Gift Items Page for more information on ordering prints, books, calendars, and more!

We also give you a FREE Retouch for every friend you refer that buys a fully-priced Quickie Slam or Private Photo Shoot with us!


Got Questions?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions Page, and read some Client Testimonials for more information!


PLEASE NOTE:  Quickie Slam package prices may vary from Slam to Slam.  We are subject to the prices and availability of the hotels that graciously host us.  If we advertise availability for a Quickie Slam, we will post the price if it is different from the standard package price above.  We will confirm all prices with you when you book your shoot.  

We typically require a deposit equal to the full value of your shoot package in order to reserve a space at the Quickie Slam for your shoot.  Your deposit is non-refundable.


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Quickie Slam Teaser!
Should You Get a Makeover for Your Photo Shoot?


Danielle of Danielle's Makeover Creationz

on staff to ensure the models look their best for the camera!

The Hair & Makeup is really half the fun!
How many times in your life do you and your friends get to be this glamorous? Let yourself be pampered by the professionals!

Our Artists know how to party! The ladies in our network are not only super-talented, but also really friendly and will keep you laughing and having fun while you wait for your turn in front of the camera.

Earn a FREE Retouch for Every Friend You Refer!


Free Retouch to Image of Your Choice Delivered via Email as Print-Resolution File.  Have Your Friend Tell Us You Sent Them!  Once we receive payment for their full-priced shoot, we will contact you to find out which image you want retouched for FREE!

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